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Best hair transplant clinics in Turkey

Hair transplant

Hair transplant procedures have become increasingly common among both men and women in recent years since they provide a less painful, minimally invasive and more affordable solution for hair loss conditions.

New technologies like FUE hair transplants have improved surgery recovery times, making it possible to have this life-altering procedure done quite easily.

Turkey is a leading country in the field of medical tourism and particularly in hair transplants. With its state-of-the-art facilities, world-renowned doctors operating with an experienced medical team, excellent customer service and significantly lower prices than those in the likes of the United Kingdom and the United States, hair transplants in Turkey appeal to all patients who want top-quality service at affordable price points.

However, as hair transplants in Turkey rapidly become more common, it can be a daunting task to decide on the right clinic for hair transplant procedures. There are a few key points to pay attention to while choosing the best clinic that suits your needs.

How to choose a good quality hair transplant clinic in Turkey

Is the hair transplant surgeon licensed and experienced?

The first and most important criteria when it comes to choosing a good hair transplant clinic is to see if the clinic is licensed and operating under the supervision of a doctor and not anyone claiming to be a hair transplant specialist. When in doubt, ask the clinic for their license and credentials obtained from the Ministry of Health.

When you have confidence in the credentials of your doctor, research how much experience the doctor has in hair transplantation. A few important questions to consider are:

  • Are hair transplants the doctor’s speciality?
  • How many years of experience do they have in the sector?
  • Which schools have they attended?
  • Do they have any published work or have they received any awards?
  • Are they known in the international community?
  • Are they experienced in handling the needs of international patients?

Dr Serkan Aygin for example was one of the first doctors in Turkey to perform hair transplant surgery and his clinic is therefore seen as a centre of innovation in the industry. He is a member of the International Society of Dermatology, with over 23 years of experience in hair transplantation, and was recently awarded the European Awards in Medicine 2019 for Hair Transplant Surgery.

Do they have an experienced team?

Once you are satisfied with your doctor’s credentials and experience, check which steps of the hair transplant process they will be performing personally, which steps they will be supervising and which steps will be handled by their assistants. Be sure that their staff is professional and experienced, for example, there should be a professional anaesthetist to administer your local anaesthesia. Make sure to also check for any information on how many patients the doctor sees on a typical day. A hair transplant typically lasts 5-6 hours, so keep this in mind when considering how many patients your chosen clinic performs surgery on in a day.

Do they achieve impressive results?

Check their before and after photos! These photos run the risk of being digitally manipulated so be careful if you see any sign of alteration, and look for a watermark in the photos in case they have been taken from another website on the internet. Make sure to also look at videos, if available.

Another good approach is to ask the clinic if they can connect you with past patients who you can talk to. Both first hand and online reviews are a great way to find out how other patients’ procedures went, and what kind of experience to expect for yourself. The clinic should be competent in explaining the procedure clearly, so check their operation details for this and cross-check with their reviews.

How comprehensive is their hair transplant package?

Educate yourself about what kind of hair transplant package the clinic provides and compare it to what you need. For example, you will need a clinic that provides airport pick up, a patient guide/coordinator, transfers, hotel services and quality translation services in your native language. Everyone’s needs may differ, but having these things sorted for you will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on your surgery. You may find cheaper deals that don’t offer these services included, but just be careful not to be too frugal with this lifetime investment, as it may cost you in the long run.

Location, location, location

Pay attention to logistics and check where your chosen clinic is located in Turkey. Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey with multiple airports and many international flights that come through every day. Istanbul’s accessibility makes it an ideal location for your clinic- a clinic in Istanbul would be much easier to get to than another clinic in Turkey, often without the need for a connecting flight.

How good is post-operative care at the clinic?

Look at what services are provided post-operation. You may need any further treatments to enhance your hair transplant, like PRP laser therapy to aid healing, so you want to be sure your clinic has these options available. This is especially important if any complications arise during your procedure. Is your doctor experienced in the field of dermatology, should you have a bad skin reaction? And If you aren’t satisfied with the results for whatever reason, how will they handle that? You need a clinic that is well equipped and guarantees it can handle these scenarios.

Hair transplant clinics to avoid 

  • Any clinic which fails to provide proper credentials
  • Suspiciously low-priced clinics
  • Clinics that handle too many patients a day
  • Operations performed by assistants instead of doctors
  • Inexperienced doctors in hair transplantation and/or whose speciality is not hair transplantation, inexperienced staff
  • A clinic that isn’t classed as a hospital and therefore doesn’t have the appropriate medical equipment– performing hair transplantation in a residential place is illegal in Turkey
  • Failing to provide trustworthy references
  • Failing to provide post-op services

This is a good starting point to avoid damaging your donor hair follicle and instead achieve natural-looking, permanent results.

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Best hair transplant clinics in Turkey

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