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Five Different Forklift Types and Their Uses

If you are in the construction or warehouse management industry then you might be aware of forklifts. When you think of a forklift all that you see is push, pull, and tier materials. You will find many types of forklifts that are used for various purposes.

The most basic forklift comes with the pallet, rider, and fork trucks while some of it comes with tele trucks, powered pallets, and pumps. Each forklift comes with unique features and capabilities. If you search for forklift hire on google then you will find many of its variants. Hence its operators are highly trained to drive it. Talking about types you will find two variants in forklifts such as internal combustion and electric. Both of them perform different types of jobs in a different environments. Electric combustion forklifts do not emit harmful emissions while the internal combustion engines run on gasoline or diesel.

Talking about styles you will find various classes ranging from Class I Electric motor rider forklifts, Class II Electric motor narrow aisle forklifts, Class III Electric pallet jacks, Class IV Internal combustion cushion tire forklifts, Class V Internal combustion pneumatic tire forklifts, Class VI electric engine tow tractors and Class VII Rough terrain forklifts.  Here we will be talking about types of forklifts in detail.

Low Lift Truck

Generally, these types of forklifts are not designed to lift or place the goods on the higher shelves. They are mostly used to raise the goods for the horizontal movement. These forklifts are powered by an electric engine and it needs to be faced uphill while loading. They also need to be driven in the reverse direction while going down through the ramps.

High Lift Truck

A high Lift Truck is known to be a heavy-duty workhorse that is powered by diesel or gas. These forklifts are designed to raise the goods to the upper height. Hence it is considered ideal at various job sites to move and lift heavy goods. You would have seen Airlines Using the High lift trucks to clean and repair the aircraft. These types of forklift trucks need to be kept away from the ramps or the edge of loading.

Straddle Truck

Straddle Forklift trucks are generally used in the shipping industry for stacking and moving the ISO standard containers. These forklift trucks can lift the weight of up to 60tons at a lower speed which is as good as lifting two containers. These trucks can stack the containers with a height of 13 feet and more. Here the operator sits at the top of the truck so that he can judge the front and back position. Straddle trucks are also available in mini versions which are used in moving containers in yards.

Rough Terrain Forklift

Talking about Rough Terrain Forklift here you will find two variants with it such as extended reach and straight mast reach. These types of forklift trucks are known to be mobile ones and are generally used in timber yards, docks, and various construction sites. These trucks are powered through diesel and are known to be safe to carry the load on uneven ground.

Cantilever Trucks

Cantilever Trucks are generally used to handle the pipes, handle lumber, and pipes. These forklift trucks do not have front uprights which can come in the way while loading or unloading. These trucks are also driven in a different style wherein the forklifts are installed on the trucks for the loading and unloading process.

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