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I didn’t vote for him the 1st Time BUT now HOPE HE GET’S 4 MORE YEARS


Liberal Logic Update

Oh wow, this dude forced a woman to watch Roots to “better understand her racism”.

You will indoctrinated correctly and violently threatened properly so that we never see the horrors of WWII Nazis again…while using those exact tactics.

…the Liberal mind my friends

“An Iowa man held a female acquaintance captive and forced her to watch “Roots” so that she “could better understand her racism”.

The woman told police that when she tried to move, The man “threatened her to remain seated and watch the movie with him” or else he would “kill her and spread her body parts across I-380 on the way to Chicago.

More Here

Team Trump

As President Trump’s actions and agenda continue to unfold and astound – the “maybe Trumpers” are taking notice.

This excerpt, from a maybe 1st election but a “YES” for the next election, put’s it all in perspective:

“The economy has boomed for everyone, and our military has struck our enemies without getting entangled in new wars. The president has delivered on conservative priorities, especially judges. And as seen in policies such as criminal justice reform”


You’re not alone – more Here

Market Minute

As US stocks continue their tear through record highs how is one to interpret this and more importantly – what moves to make.

The sorry tale of a Wall Street gamble gone bad ...

This brought the never out of style for long – >  classic (and successful) Growth & Value investing.

Choose one over the other or use both?

Great info on guidance Here

Cool, Creepy Crazy or What???

Ready to slide your space suit on –  it’s time for a ride into the vacuum of space.


SpaceX is planning to send up to four private citizens into space to take a trip around Earth sometime at the end of 2021 or early in 2022.

We don’t know how much $ yet  it will cost to be up there and gaze back on our green and blue marble.

Click to reserve your seat & learn more Here

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