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Liberal Craziness’ > CA Sherriff TOO BUSY Re-Arresting Early Release Criminals to Bother with Governor’s Mandate & Best Trump Trick EVER!!

Liberal Logic Update


The clown world of liberals where criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens.  Absolutely insane.

On Tuesday, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims of California said she is not enforcing Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s lockdown order, noting that her team has their “hands full trying to re-arrest” criminals who are out on “zero-dollar bail,” a policy implemented in 2019.

“I’ve heard multiple sheriffs around the nation state they will not enforce their governors’ shelter-in-place orders. Is that your position?” asked Trevor Carey, host of the Trevor Carey Show.

“That is my position,” the sheriff answered in the affirmative. “We do not stop the public to find out what they’re doing when they’re not sheltering in place. We don’t ask those questions, we don’t ask if they’re ‘essential’.”

“We’ve got our hands full trying to re-arrest people that are released due to zero-dollar bail,” she explained. “So we’ve got other things that are on our mind that are more important than stopping normally law-abiding citizens.”

In August of 2018, California set in motion their “zero-dollar bail” policy.

“California will become the first state in the nation to abolish bail for suspects awaiting trial under a sweeping reform bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown,” NPR reported at the time. “An overhaul of the state’s bail system has been in the works for years, and became an inevitability earlier this year when a California appellate court declared the state’s cash bail system unconstitutional. The new law goes into effect in October 2019.”

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Team Trump

OMG!  I’m rolling with laughter writing this!!

Clever, very clever…

The Trump campaign slid in another swipe at Joe Biden through the 404 pages on its campaign website.

“It appears you are as lost as me,” the page reads when a user clicks a donaldjtrump.com URL that is incorrect, accompanied by a photo of the presumptive Democratic nominee looking confused.

The Trump campaign has most recently targeted Biden’s former record on China, but has also continued to highlight moments where the former vice president has stumbled or gaffed. A recent campaign ad called Biden “China’s puppet,” claiming his son Hunter had received over $1 billion from a Chinese state-owned bank and noting that Biden called Trump’s China travel ban amid coronavirus “racist” and “xenophobic.”

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Market Minders

Futures contracts tied to the major U.S. stock indexes rose in early Monday morning trade as investors pored over comments from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on the state of the economy,  in light of last week’s market losses.

A man walks by the Wall Street subway sign on March 23, 2020 in New York City.

Dow Jones Industrial Average futures climbed 281 points, implying an opening gain of almost 194 points. S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures also rose and pointed to modest advances for the two indexes at Monday’s open.

The overnight moves Sunday evening followed a red week on Wall Street. The Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 fell 1.1% and 2.2%, respectively, last week with the latter notching its worst week since March. The Dow industrials finished the week down 2.65% for its third negative week in four and its worst week since April 3.

Investors on Sunday night heard from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who spoke with CBS’ “60 Minutes” to detail the impact of Covid-19 on the U.S. economy and the path back toward growth.

The central bank leader struck a cautiously optimistic tone, telling the show that he’s “highly confident” the U.S. economy will claw its way back from the current pullback, but warned that it may not fully recover until a Covid-19 vaccine is complete.

He also said he does not believe the current downturn will resemble the Great Depression some 90 years ago despite the possibility that the U.S. unemployment rate could peak around 25%.

“I don’t think that’s the likely outcome at all. We had a very healthy economy two months ago. Our financial system is strong,” he said. You have governments around the world, and central banks around the world, responding with great force and very quickly. And staying at it.”

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Interesting Stuff

A South Carolina restaurant partially reopening for dine-in customers is keeping the tables compliant with social distancing guidelines by filling the dining room with blow-up dolls.

Blow-up dolls replace diners at this restaurant

The Open Hearth restaurant in Taylors closed its dining room due to the COVID-19 pandemic March 17 and was allowed to reopen this week with a reduced capacity and a requirement that customers are seated 6 feet apart.

The owners of the eatery, Paula Starr Melehes and her husband, Jimmy, said they didn’t want the restaurant to look empty when customers came in to eat.

“Instead of using scary, yellow tape or roping off the empty tables, I thought, ‘We’re going to make this restaurant look full.”

Melehes said she ordered “the G-rated kind” of inflatable dolls from Amazon, dressed them up like customers and seated them at tables that would be off-limits to diners.

“My grandson told me they look kind of creepy,” Melehes said. “But, I think, when people walk in, they’re going to laugh.”

Melehes said the restaurant is being careful to observe all of the state’s guidelines to remain open to customers.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure we do this right,” Melehes said. “We just didn’t want the virus to be what shuts us down.”

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