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Liberal Playbook; Use Tragedy & Suffering to Score Political Points

Liberal Logic Update

Truly disgusting.  First of all, there are two idiots who took the life of a man out for a run.  

But that’s not enough for liberal politicians.  They use, yes use the victim to score their political points.  

Even though President Trump called the video of Ahmaud Arbery’s killing in Georgia “very disturbing,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Brown blamed the president for the tragic death, alleging he gives racists permission to carry out killings.

That statement is infuriating!

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Bottoms said that the “rhetoric” coming out of the White House enabled two armed white men to set up a roadblock in an attempt to apprehend a young man whom they suspected of burglary.

“It’s 2020 and this was a lynching of an African-American man,” Bottoms said, as reported by Fox News. “My heart goes out to the family. With the rhetoric we hear coming out of the White House, many who are prone to being racist are given permission to do it in an overt way we wouldn’t see in 2020.”

What racist rhetoric?  Give a solid example.  Oh yeah, you can’t because it’s not true but unfortuanelty your lies will be believed by some…and that’s your whole sick game.

In fact, the President stated the exact opposite.  

President Trump told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that the video of Arbery’s death looked “very disturbing.”

“I saw the tape and it’s very, very disturbing, the tape,” Trump said. “I got to see it, it’s very disturbing. I looked at a picture of that young man. He was in a tuxedo … I will say that that looks like a really good young guy. It’s a very disturbing situation to me and my heart goes out to the parents and the family and the friends, but yet we have to take it, law enforcement is going to look at it.”

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Team Trump

It’s not about the news to liberal reporters but rather “the show.”

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a press briefing in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, May 11, 2020. Trump faces a tricky proposition this week, as he tries to convince Americans it's safe to return to work and social life while combating a coronavirus scare moving closer than ever to his own office.

President Donald Trump and numerous journalists slammed left-wing CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang on Monday over her behavior during the White House Coronavirus Task Force news conference.

First, Jiang falsely suggested that Trump delayed widespread testing to cover-up the extent of the coronavirus testing in the U.S. so he could reopen the economy.

The Washington Post and The New York Times had reported already that the delay in testing came from manufacturing errors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where the tests were accidentally contaminated and testing was delayed as a result for weeks.

Jiang also suggested that Trump was trying to open the economy for political reasons, which completely ignores the fact that tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs, some are struggling to feed their families, and suicides are projected to skyrocket.

Jiang later suggested that Trump’s desire to be the best in the world at testing was a bad thing because of the number of Americans who are dying every day from the coronavirus.

Trump said to ask China that question, to which Jiang, who describes herself as “Chinese born” in her Twitter bio, tried to turn Trump’s statement into a racial incident.

Surprisingly, numerous journalists called out Jiang’s antics at the news conference.

Mediaite reporter Colby Hall tweeted: “If Trump had never before mentioned China in context of the coronavirus, then his ‘Ask China’ to an Asian reporter might be considered unfairly racialized. But calling it out as “racist” seems an irresponsible reach.”

Fox News anchor Rob Schmitt tweeted: “Did she try to turn this into a race thing?”

Former White House Adviser Steven Cheung tweeted: “Weijia Jiang has managed to outdo Acosta at his own game of grandstanding at press conference for self-promotion/resistance RTs. How else do you think someone who has never broken a big/interesting story, gets a ton of Twitter followers in just a few months?”  

For the liberal press this is all a game, for the President it’s serious business.

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Market Minders

The president of the Cleveland Federal Reserve bank on Tuesday said Congress has to allocate more funds to make sure the economy can recover and avoid “dire scenarios” that could develop as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

“I think that we need more direct fiscal policy and support to try to try to limit the possibilities of those very dire scenarios,” Mester said during a conference call with reporters.

In an earlier talk to the CFA Society of Chicago, Mester said she thought “a reasonable baseline” for the economy was a return to economy growth in the second half of the year.

But it wasn’t hard to imagine worse outcomes, “especially if an upsurge in virus cases necessitates shutting down activity again or if there is considerably more harm in terms of business and personal bankruptcies or if instabilities in the banking system arise,” Mester said.

“Some of the more pessimistic outcomes are almost as likely as the reasonable baseline I just described,” she added.

Mester refused to get drawn into a discussion of the merits of the House’s $3 trillion coronavirus relief package unveiled by Democrats earlier Tuesday.

She said the costs of the pandemic grow as it lingers, damaging more people and companies.

“It is a much bigger need that we probably all thought in the beginning. But that is the nature of this, because it is the virus dictating the timing,” she said.

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Interesting Stuff

Think the Iranians are a little trigger happy or scared?  After Trump’s latest edict letting the Iranians the US will tolerate no hostile acts in international waters it seems they are a bit worried.  Now its cost the lives of their own sailors.

Iran's first domestically made destroyer Jamaran sails in the Gulf on February 21, 2009. Iran's navy on February 19 launched in the Gulf its first domestically made destroyer in a ceremony attend by the supreme leader and the commander-in-chief Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the media reported.

Dozens of Iranian sailors were reportedly killed during the early morning hours on Monday after an Iranian destroyer accidentally opened fire on another Iranian destroyer.

“Dozens of sailors in Iran’s Navy were killed early Monday after a on-board missile was accidentally shot from one destroyer and hit another,” The Jerusalem Post reported. “During a military drill, a C-802 missile was fired toward another Iranian Navy destroyer, striking it and causing extensive damage, the reports said.”

“Some 40 naval service members were missing after the incident, local media outlets reportedly said,” according to Haaretz. “Iran’s Fars semi-official news agency meanwhile said one person was killed and several injured during a naval exercise.”

The news comes after tensions between the U.S. Navy and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN), which is a designated terrorist organization, increased last month when 11 Iranian gun boats swarmed a U.S. destroyer in the region.

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