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Notorious Gang Members Enforcing Quarantine in Towns & A Dem Governor Has Praise for Trump

Liberal Logic Update

How is she in Congress, HOW?

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) claimed in an interview last week about the coronavirus that “environmental racism” was a “pre-existing condition.”

This sounds like a statement from a child getting all their information from social media.

Here’s the irony and obvious fact that jumps out at you – These  areas where she claims ‘environmental racism’ exists are deeply rooted liberal Democratic runs areas.  They tend to be primarily the larger cities where by default, there are more people in a smaller space.  Hence, easier to spread germs.

The liberals – they create the problem then proceed to get their ‘victims’ up in arms and whipped into a frenzy over the issue itself.  It’s the best political con the liberal Dems have going.

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Team Trump

With so much lunacy involved in liberal politics it’s so refreshing when a level headed Democrat teams up with the ‘other side’, throws politics aside and focuses on the threat at hand.

World Health Organization Said Coronavirus Was Not ...

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo said during a coronavirus press conference on Friday that he believes that President Donald Trump has used the Defense Production Act “effectively,” and that the president is right to question the World Health Organization about its response to the coronavirus pandemic that originated in China.

It’s one of the most twisted facts about President trump.  He will work with ANYONE to get the job done for the American people.

Yet he’s forced to deal with the foolish liberal media spinning the story that he’s not rational and won’t work with Democrats.  Yet the complete opposite is true.

Cuomo brought up Trump’s decision to question the WHO (World Health Organization) over its response to the outbreak in China.

“A question that I’ve had from day one and when you look back at this, where were the horns that should have been triggered back in December and January?” Cuomo asked. “Where were the warning signs? Who was supposed to blow the whistle? The president has asked this question, and I think he’s right.”

Bravo Mr. President keep it up!

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Market Minders

U.S. stock-index futures quickly give up early gains Sunday evening, as oil prices rose following a historic agreement by major producers to curb production, ending a price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Scottrade Bank data breach exposes 20,000 customer records ...

Investors also remain focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, on the lookout for confirmation that the outbreak may be plateauing as they prepare for the kickoff of a brutal first-quarter earnings season.

“The big banks will kick off earnings season this week, and everyone is bracing for some ugly results,” said Edward Moya, senior market analyst at Oanda, in a note.

“Despite all the uncertainty that persists regarding the coronavirus, optimism is growing that the virus may be peaking in major global hot spots and that the Fed and Capitol Hill have delivered enough stimulus to provide a safety net for corporate America,” he said.

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Interesting Stuff

WHOA!  One of the most notoriously brutal gangs in the world is actively enforcing coronavirus quarantines.

Obama’s DACA program tied to growth of deadly MS-13 gang ...

If you think the quarantine is tough here in the US how would you like murdering MS-13 gangs members “telling” you NOT to break the quarantine? 

In El Salvador MS-13 is reportedly using threats of violence to enforce compliance with the country’s lockdown measures.

Salvadoran gangs are concerned that high infection rates could damage their bottom line in the long term and attract unwanted interference by government authorities

Street gangs that have long terrorized El Salvador have now turned their attention from extortion and murder to a more pressing issue: imposing restrictions on social distancing, often through threats and violence.

MS-13’s primary rival, the 18th Street Gang, also known as Barrio 18, is reportedly allowing some small business owners and taxi drivers to defer making extortion fee payments, known as “rent,” for until the end of the quarantine.

Across El Salvador, MS-13 and Barrio 18 have become the de facto authority of many neighborhoods, superseding the government authorities as they exert enormous control over the daily lives of citizens living in their respective territories.

In many parts of the country, gangs are more effective than government authorities, with tactics including circulating recordings through messaging apps to threaten people who violate the rules. 

“We don’t want to see anyone on the street,” says one recording. “If you go out, you better just go to the store, and wear a face mask.”

The gangs also produced videos showing how their masked members beat up those who do not adhere to quarantine.

Now that’s a whole new level of quarantine enforcement!

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