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Russians Afraid of Trump’s US Space Force & Love and Coronavirus on First Site

Liberal Logic Update

Liberal CNN opinion host Chris Cuomo claimed on Monday night that when it comes to fighting the coronavirus outbreak that “the enemy is not death.”

Cuomo began by highlighting a clip from the end of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force on Sunday where Trump said:

“So I just want to end by saying that we’re all in this together, all of us. I have never seen anything like it. The unity, the esprit de corps, the spirit — I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Unfortunately, the enemy is death. It’s death. A lot of people are dying, so it’s very unpleasant. It’s a very unpleasant thing to go through. But the level of competence, the level of caring, the level of love, I — I just think it’s brilliant, and it’s possibly happening in other countries. Possibly. I don’t know. I can’t speak to other countries, but I can speak to the United States of America.”

“He said the enemy is death,” Cuomo said. “The enemy is not death.”

“The enemy is disinformation, inaction, lies, division,” Cuomo continued. “These are all the things this virus is testing in our society as much as it’s testing our bodies.”


Disinformation, lies & division??  These 3 things are right out of the CNN playbook!  Unbelievable!

As of this writing, Chris Cuomo has tested positive for the coronavirus. 

 Unlike the liberals, who have repeatedly stated their desire for conservative figures to contract the virus and die, I sincerely hope Mr. Cuomo recovers from this horrible virus.

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Team Trump

This is AWESOME!

Chuck Dixon and Timothy Lim Launch Trump's Space Force ...

The Russian space agency, Roscosmos, slammed President Trump on Tuesday and accused him of attempting to take over other planets after the president signed an executive order establishing a U.S. policy in support of commercial mining in space.

The executive order, signed Monday, “establishes U.S. policy toward the recovery and use of space resources, such as water and certain minerals, in order to encourage the commercial development of space,” said Scott Pace, deputy assistant to the president and executive secretary of the National Space Council.

In response to the news, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that “any kind of attempt to privatize space in one form or another … would be unacceptable.”

Outer space is a legally and physically unique domain of human activity, and the United States does not view it as a global commons,” the executive order stated.


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Market Minders

The stock market rocketed higher before giving back its gains in the late afternoon as oil prices saw a sudden selloff.

Stock Market Board On A Green Background. May Represent ...

The S&P 500, which was close to exiting its bear market, ended the session modestly lower. The Dow Jones Industrial Average also closed lower, giving up a gain of more than 900 points.

While all three major averages fell, the S&P 500 briefly exited its bear market that began on March 12. The index needed to close above 2684.88 to officially exit.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed further signs of slowing with the number of new cases and deaths in New York and New Jersey declining for a second day on Monday, giving investors some hope early in the session. However, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at Tuesday’s news conference that deaths saw their biggest single-day spike.

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Looking at stocks, oil major Exxon Mobil slashed 2020 capital expenditures by 30 percent, following peers Chevron and Shell in reducing spending.

Interesting Stuff

Nick Crawford’s online dating story begins like many other single people. Swiping, liking and messaging until you find somebody who wants to go on a date with you.

Face Mask Review – Air Pollution Masks | Best Fashion Face ...

But this tale has a twist. Crawford’s dating adventure may have led to the contraction of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, by both him and his date. And it didn’t end there. The courtship, which started out promisingly (illness aside), is still going. “I really liked her smile and her eyes,” recalled Crawford, who is a web designer and developer. “She also seemed really active and well-traveled.”

After exchanging messages for a while on a popular dating app called Hinge, Crawford and his date decided to meet up in person. “At that point, coronavirus wasn’t even a real threat,” Crawford said. “It didn’t feel real yet.”

“I guess at one of the bars we went to, both of us ended up contracting what we would later find out is COVID-19,” observed Crawford. 

Crawford doesn’t come across as glum as one might expect. He actually seems upbeat. For one thing, he is not self-isolating alone. “We have spent a lot of time together since then, quarantining together.” 

Yes, the hospitals are slammed with coronavirus now but…9 or 10 months from now???   ….those same hospitals may have their hands full with a whole lotta new babies!!

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