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Seinfeld Actor Chooses the Dark Side & Trump HELPS Small Businesses

Liberal Logic Update

Oh no, not a Seinfeld actor!  

“George” from Seinfeld has come out making the typical Hollywood liberal blabber of hating Trump.

Actor Jason Alexander lashed out at President Donald Trump, calling him the “most despicable president in history” and called for his removal from office as soon as possible.

“This is the most despicable man to ever inhabit the Oval Office,” he wrote.  He also went on to state,  “Thousands will die needlessly for his arrogance and incompetence.”  And, “We must remove this horror from power asap.”

Ho hum, yet another Hollywood lib living in fantasy.

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Team Trump

President Trump is pumping out funds in order to help the nation’s small business owners and their employees through this crisis.

President Donald Trump speaks about trade at U.S. Steel's Granite City Works in Granite City, Ill., on July 26, 2018.

Trump’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) through the Department of Treasury and Small Business Administration has already on its first day pushed out more than $620 million to small businesses nationwide mostly through community banks.

While the big banks were slower to act community banks stepped up to the plate and made it happen.

“When the unprecedented PPP loan program for America’s small businesses went live in the early morning hours of April 3, the community banks were the ones ready to go,” the senior Treasury Department official told Breitbart News. “Unlike the big banks that are coming online later in the day, the community banks were up and running and ready to serve their small businesses. America’s community banks are the real heroes.”

Trump and the team – helping out American small business and their employees in this time of need.

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Market Minders

St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard said Sunday he did not believe the U.S. economy or jobs market was in “free fall” as the coronavirus sweeps the country. 

Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis

“We’re asking people to stay home to invest in national health, and we’re asking them to use the unemployment insurance program in order to get the transfers they need to be able to pay bills while they’re at home, while they’re not able to work because health authorities are trying to get the virus under control,” Bullard said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” 

Bullard argued the large increases in jobless claims must be viewed through the lens of helping people who are facing economic hardship. 

“In some ways, the uptake on the unemployment insurance program is a good thing because it means you’re getting the transfers to the people that are being disrupted by this health-ordered shutdown,” he said. 

Bullard stressed the U.S. economy “was actually doing quite well” before the coronavirus pandemic intensified. “There’s nothing wrong with the economy itself,” he said. 

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Interesting Stuff

Some scientists are pulling out all the stop to figure out a cure for the coronavirus.  Some are even pulling magnets out of their nose.


An Australian astrophysicist put himself in the hospital last week after he got four magnets stuck up his nose while trying to invent a device to stop people from touching their faces during this pandemic.

He had a piece of equipment that detects magnetic fields. And he reasoned that if he could create such a charged field around his head, and then wear magnets on his wrist, “it could set off an alarm if you brought [your hand] too close to your face.”

Now that’s a pretty good idea.

After trying a magnetic necklace and then earrings without much success he tried his nose.

He explained that he put a magnet inside each of his nostrils, and then attached a magnet on the outside of each nostril — but once he removed the outer magnets, the two magnets inside his nose stuck together, and refused to come out.

So then he tried to use his remaining magnets to extract them, and ended up with all four in his nose.

“At this point I ran out of magnets,” he said.

So his partner took him to the hospital “because she wanted all her colleagues to laugh at me,” he continued. Two doctors were able to manually remove the magnets from his nose after treating him with pain-numbing anesthetic spray.

There was a minor complication during the procedure, however: After doctors got the three magnets out of his left nostril, the fourth one, in the other nostril, fell down his throat. Fortunately, he leaned forward and coughed it out before swallowing it.

“Needless to say, I am not going to play with the magnets anymore,” he said.

So a magnetic device to help you NOT touch your face may take a bit longer to develop but it will be sticking around.

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