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The 15 Day Plan – Mission Mindset – Let’s Do This

Liberal Logic Update

We are so fortunate liberals and their mindset aren’t in charge at such and incredible CRITICAL time!

Enter Hollywood…

The liberal actors never disappoint when it comes to rational common sense.

Dr. Sean Conley released a statement announcing to the country that President Trump has been tested and does not have coronavirus despite coming in contact with a few people who have the deadly virus.

Well, the White House doctor isn’t good enough for nutcase and Trump hater, Bette Midler.

Crazy Bette stated, “You know, #Donald says he has tested negative for #Coronavirus.  But why should we believe him? He has lied over 16,000 times in the last three years!  Why would he not be lying now?”

Wow…ya just can’t cure crazy!

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Team Trump

It can’t be said enough; we are incredibly fortunate that someone with such a straight forward ‘get it done’ mindset is in charge.

Trump expected to declare national emergency on ...

President Trump in his press conference today made several common sense statements.

Speaking during a briefing of the coronavirus task force, Trump outlined a plan to slow the spread of COVID-19 in 15 days.

“With several weeks of focused action, we can turn the corner and turn it quickly,” Trump said. “Our government is prepared to do whatever it takes.”

That’s what we want to hear from a LEADER.

At another point during the news conference, asked if the U.S. was headed into a recession, Trump replied: “Well, it may be.” But then, he said, “We’re not thinking in terms of recession, we’re thinking in terms of the virus.”

Keep your eye on the ball and don’t get distracted, classic Trump.

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Market Minders

There’s no dancing around it, it was a brutal day for the markets.

Stock market today: Latest news - CNN

Wall Street suffered its biggest drop since 1987 on Monday, with the S&P 500 closing at its lowest level since December 2018, as investors fear the coronavirus pandemic is proving a tougher opponent than central banks, lawmakers or the White House are currently capable of battling.

The S&P 500 tumbled 12%, its biggest drop since “Black Monday” three decades ago, despite the Federal Reserve’s surprise move late Sunday to cut interest rates to near zero, its second emergency interest rate cut in less than two weeks and ahead of its scheduled policy meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.

You can state the million inputs for market analysis.  But, revision to the mean is a given. The market will recover, as it always does, as the U.S. always does.  It’s a factor of time, stay strong.

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Cool, Creepy Crazy or What???

According to reports on social media, schoolkids have begun to nickname the deadly coronavirus the “boomer remover” after it has been revealed that the vast majority of the fatalities from the disease are elderly patients.

Boomers Outraged Over Coronavirus 'Boomer Remover' Meme

The viral tweet, with almost half a million likes, was introduced by B.W. Carlin, an ex-Sports Illustrated employee, who now works at the XFL according to his Twitter bio.

He then joked about the wit of middle-schoolers, going on to say: “You can absolutely always rely on 11-13 year olds with no understanding of the world to provide levity. Without fail.”

The perfect Mark Twain quote came into play: ‘“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.” Mark Twain.”

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