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Uh Oh, if This Air Force Veteran Wins Her Congressional Race, AOC is in TROUBLE!

Liberal Logic Update

Well, well…a conservative Hispanic American looks to take on AOC in congress and she’s fired up!

Air Force veteran Anna Paulina is running for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional district. 

I’d say that her move would “balance” the nonsense which AOC spews but that wouldn’t be accurate.  Because when you hear Anna speak there is NO comparison to AOC.  She’s smart and makes very logical arguments vs AOC’s “logic.”

Her goal is to take on Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York congresswoman who, along with Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, preaches a socialist ideology.

She calls out Bernie Sanders for claiming to come from a tough upbringing, when he has three homes including a summer home, something the average, working class American likely doesn’t own. 

She also takes issue with AOC’s rag-to-riches story. “We know that AOC grew up in the suburbs.”

“What’s really insulting about that is it really discredits the people who had to work hard like myself to get where they are from actual places of poverty, and we didn’t have to do it by using government programs, we did it through hard work, basically through labor, and in my case by joining the military.”

Paulina condemns socialism, which she believes has no place in the halls of U.S. government, and she wants to change that. She also wants to change the precept that all Hispanics are Democrats, something that she says isn’t true.

“In actuality, Hispanic Americans right now under Trump’s economy are thriving.”

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Team Trump

On Friday, President Trump honored those helping on the front lines of the pandemic. The president held a ‘Hard Work, Heroism and Hope’ ceremony at the White House, where he recognized the everyday Americans who have gone the extra mile to help others.

He called out specific individuals, including Cincinnati mailman Kyle West, who has been delivering groceries to dozens of seniors so they can stay safe at home. President Trump honored his work and said Americans such as West are key to fighting the “invisible enemy.”

“As Kyle says, ‘In this job, we’re not just mailmen, we’re mechanics, movers and many other things,’” stated President Trump. “We’re part of the neighborhood.”

The president also awarded a young pilot helping to deliver medical supplies, those helping to fund-raise for struggling businesses and those supporting people who have lost loved ones to COVID-19.

A total of five people were honored and will be the first in a series of people the White House is planning to recognize in the coming weeks.

President Trump is reportedly considering suspending payroll taxes. According to reports, the administration has discussed a temporary tax cut in order to help put more money into American pockets.

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Market Minders

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has sold its stakes in the four largest U.S. airline companies, Warren Buffett, the owner of the conglomerate holding company, told shareholders on Saturday. 

Berkshire Hathaway held an 11 percent stake in Delta Air Lines, 10 percent of American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, and 9 percent of United Airlines, making it one of the largest holders in those companies, according to Reuters. The company had invested around $7 billion or $8 billion in the four companies, Buffett said. 

Citing the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and what it’s done to demand for air travel, Buffett said that he decided to sell those stakes because he concluded he’d made a “mistake in valuing.” 

“We took money out of the business, basically, even at a substantial loss,” Buffett said. “We will not fund a company … where we think that it is going to chew up money in the future.”

“The airline business — and I may be wrong, and I hope I’m wrong — I think it changed in a very major way, and it’s obviously changed in the fact that their four companies are each going to borrow perhaps average of at least $10 [billion] or $12 billion each,” he added. 

Buffett’s holding company also reported a loss of nearly $50 billion during the first quarter, according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing. He expressed optimism about the U.S.’s ability to recover economically during the shareholder meeting, saying, “The American miracle, the American magic has always prevailed, and it will do so again.”

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Interesting Stuff

Game of Thrones is back!

Mountain top: 'Game of Thrones' actor sets deadlift record - News ...

Well, “the Mountain” is anyway.

Game of Thrones star Hafthor Julius Bjornsson has set a new world deadlift record with a staggering 501kg effort on Sunday (NZ time).

The Icedlandic strongman – better known to most as ‘The Mountain’ from the hit HBO series – almost made it look easy, as he snapped English rival Eddie Hall’s previous mark of 500kg set back in 2016.

Streamed live worldwide, via ESPN, from his hometown gym, ‘Thor’ began with two successful warm-up lifts of 420kg and 460kg, then reeled off the moneymaker, letting rip with a guttural scream of celebration afterwards.

“I’m absolutely speechless,” Bjornsson says. “So happy and thankful. Blessed.

“Everything went according to plans and I’m over the moon.

“I believe today I could’ve done more, but what’s the point? I’m happy with this.”

In addition to his world deadlift record, Thor is a former World’s Strongest Man winner, as well as a five-time Europe’s Strongest Man victor and three-time Arnold Strongman Classic champion.

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